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Template Management

In some cases, the amis page may not be convenient to achieve your complex interface display, or you prefer to use the template rendering way to display the administrative page. Then you can use TemplateAdmin to achieve your needs.


class SimpleTemplateAdmin(admin:)
    page_schema = PageSchema(label='SimpleTemplate', icon='fa fa-link')
    templates: Jinja2Templates = Jinja2Templates(directory='templates')
    template_name = 'simple.html'

    async def get_page(self, request: Request) -> Dict[str, Any]:
        return {'current_time':}

Configuring the template engine

Configure the Jinja2 template engine via the templates field.

Configure template files

Configure the Jinja2 template file via the template_name field.

Page rendering data

Get page rendering data via the get_page method.

More usage