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Help or get help

If you like the fastapi_amis_admin project, or it works for you, you can help fastapi_amis_admin in the following ways.

Star in GitHub

You can "star" FastAPI in GitHub (click the star button in the upper right corner): ⭐️

By adding an asterisk, other users will be able to find it more easily and see that it is already useful to others.

Help others with issues in GitHub

You can see the existing issues and try to help others, most of the time these issues you probably already know the answer to. 🤓

create question

You can create a new issue in the GitHub repository, for example:

  • Ask a question or ask a question.
  • Suggest a NEW FEATURE.

NOTE: If you create an issue then I will ask you to help others too. 😉

Join the group chat

Currently only a QQ group chat has been established: 229036692, interested partners can join the discussion.

Create pull request

You can [contribute] to the source code using pull requests such as:

  • Fix spelling mistakes you find in the documentation.
  • Help [translate documentation into] your language.
    • You can also help review translations created by others.
  • Proposed new documentation section.
  • Fix existing issues/bugs.
  • Add new features.

The development and maintenance of fastapi-amis-admin, including document writing are very time-consuming work. If you want to support the development of fastapi-amis-admin, you can financially support the author in the following ways.

FastAPI-Amis-Admin appreciates the support of the following projects.

You can also sponsor: