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Permission Control

FastAPI-Amis-Admin' provides very rich permission control methods, you can use different granularity of site/application/page/route permission control for different scenarios.

Execution flowchart

graph LR request(request)-->AdminSite[has_page_permission] subgraph [AdminSite] AdminSite--False-->AdminSite.error_no_page_permission(error_no_page_permission) end subgraph [AdminApp] AdminSite--True-->AdminApp[has_page_permission] AdminApp--False-->AdminApp.error_no_page_permission(error_no_page_permission) end subgraph [ModelAdmin] AdminApp--True-->ModelAdmin[has_page_permission] ModelAdmin--False-->ModelAdmin.error_no_page_permission(error_no_page_permission) ModelAdmin--True-->ModelAdmin.list[has_list_permission] ModelAdmin.list--False-->Response3(error_no_router_permission) ModelAdmin--True-->ModelAdmin.create[has_create_permission] ModelAdmin.create--False-->Response3 ModelAdmin--True-->[has_read_permission]>Response3 ModelAdmin--True-->ModelAdmin.update[has_update_permission] ModelAdmin.update--False-->Response3 ModelAdmin--True-->ModelAdmin.delete[has_delete_permission] ModelAdmin.delete--False-->Response3 end subgraph [PageAdmin] AdminApp--True-->PageAdmin[has_page_permission] PageAdmin--False-->PageAdmin.error_no_page_permission(error_no_page_permission) end

Authentication method

Inheritance override permission validation method


  • Check if you have permission to access the current page, default return: True
  • Subordinate objects: PageSchemaAdmin and its subclasses, for example: PageAdmin , FormAdmin , ModelAdmin , AdminApp , AdminSite.
  • The permissions of the current administrative object depend on the permissions owned by the administrative application or administrative site to which it is bound.
async def has_page_permission(self, request: Request) -> bool:
    return is self or await

If has_page_permission validates to False

  • The backend menu will not display the current admin page and all default routes under the current admin object will be disabled.
  • If the current object is AdminApp, all the administrative objects registered under the administrative application has_page_permission will return False by default.
  • If the current object is ModelAdmin, then has_list_permission, has_read_permission, has_create_permission, has_update_permission, has_delete_ permission all return False by default.


  • Check if you have bulk query permission. The default is:True.
async def has_list_permission(
    request: Request, 
    paginator: Optional[Paginator], 
    filter: Optional[SchemaFilterT],
) -> bool


  • Checks if a single query permission is available. Default return:`True''
async def has_read_permission(
    request: Request, 
    item_id: Optional[List[str]],
) -> bool


  • Checks if the data creation permission is available. Default return:`True''
async def has_create_permission(
    request: Request, 
    obj: Optional[SchemaCreateT], 
) -> bool


  • Checks if the user has permission to update data. Default return:`True''
async def has_update_permission(
    request: Request, 
    item_id: Optional[List[str]], 
    obj: Optional[SchemaUpdateT], 
) -> bool


  • Checks if the data deletion permission is available. Default return:`True''
async def has_delete_permission(
    request: Request, 
    item_id: Optional[List[str]], 
) -> bool:
    return True

If has_crud_permission validates to False

  • the CRUD form page will no longer display the corresponding action buttons and the corresponding API routes will be disabled.

Custom permission validation dependencies


  • The route registrar permission validation dependency. Default: None.


  • Current page routing permission validation dependency. Default: has_page_permission

Registering global permission validation dependencies

By registering a global permission validation dependency, all routes under the AdminSite object will be required to pass the specified permission validation.

from fastapi import Depends, FastAPI, Header, HTTPException

async def verify_token(x_token: str = Header(...)):
    if x_token != "fake-super-secret-token":
        raise HTTPException(status_code=400, detail="X-Token header invalid")

site = AdminSite(
    settings=Settings(debug=True, database_url_async='sqlite+aiosqlite:///amisadmin.db'),