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  • Page management base class



The application AdminApp object registered by the current admin object.

  • Note that app is not the top level and may be registered by other AdminApp or AdminSite.)


The AdminSite site where the current management object is registered, the top-level Admin object.


The unique ID of the current management object.

  • Customizable settings, if not set, it will be automatically generated according to the default rules.
  • Unique IDs should not change when a project is started or stopped, and should be unique per Admin class within a project.

Admin ClassDiagram

  • FastAPI-Amis-Admin core class diagram
classDiagram %% admin class RouterMixin RouterMixin: +APIRouter router RouterAdmin --|> RouterMixin class BaseAdmin BaseAdmin: +AdminAPP app RouterAdmin --|> BaseAdmin PageSchemaAdmin --|> BaseAdmin PageSchemaAdmin: +PageSchema page_schema LinkAdmin --|> PageSchemaAdmin IframeAdmin --|> PageSchemaAdmin IframeAdmin: +Iframe iframe PageAdmin --|> PageSchemaAdmin PageAdmin --|> RouterAdmin PageAdmin: +Page page BaseActionAdmin --|> PageAdmin FormAdmin --|> BaseActionAdmin FormAdmin: +Form form FormAdmin: +BaseModel schema TemplateAdmin --|> PageAdmin TemplateAdmin: +Jinja2Templates templates %% model FormAction --|> AdminAction FormAction --|> FormAdmin ModelAction --|> FormAction AdminAction: +BaseActionAdmin admin AdminAction: +Action action class SQLModelSelector SQLModelSelector: +SQLModel model BaseCrud --|> RouterMixin SQLModelCrud ..|> BaseCrud SQLModelCrud --|> SQLModelSelector ModelAdmin --|> BaseActionAdmin ModelAdmin --|> SQLModelCrud %% group,app,site AdminGroup --|> PageSchemaAdmin AdminAPP --|> AdminGroup AdminAPP --|> PageAdmin AdminAPP: +AsyncDatabase db AdminAPP: +AdminSite site AdminSite --|> AdminAPP AdminSite: +FastAPI fastapi AdminSite: +Settings settings

Admin & Amis

  • fastapi-amis-admin class and amis component class diagram
classDiagram AdminSite --> App App --|> AmisNode App *-- PageSchema PageSchema --|> AmisNode PageSchema *-- PageSchema AdminApp --> App AdminApp --> Tabs Tabs *-- TabsItem TabsItem --|> AmisNode Page --|> AmisNode PageAdmin --> Page Form --|> AmisNode FormItem --|> AmisNode Form *-- FormItem FormAdmin --> Form Table --|> AmisNode CRUD --|> AmisNode TableCRUD --|> Table TableCRUD --|> CRUD Table *-- TableColumn TableColumn --|> AmisNode Action --|> AmisNode FormAction --> Form FormAction --> Action ModelAdmin --> TableCRUD ModelAdmin --> Action